Ad-hoc DME

Have you ever found yourself shooting an NDB approach or navigating the ADF (no GPS!) and whishing there was a DME to help you to define your location?

If your answer is yes, you might consider using another NDB or VOR to help you to estimate such a distance.

Take a look here at the explanation of the ad-hoc DME 'technique' using the CRP (or equivalent).

Note that this estimation is actually based on a fix determined by two QDRs (or two radials). The accuracy of a fix defined by two QDRs can be significantly poorer than the accuracy of a fix defined by DMEs. So, be advised, and expect the same degree (or lack) of precision associated with this approach to determine a distance.

The mobile application determines the ad-hoc DME and helps you to confirm your results from the CRP. Have fun!

Mobile application

gg ply
ap ply